Cinta Abadi: Color Your Life
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Posted by Shahrol Mohamad - - 0 ulasan

Color Your Life
I have a few creative ideas what I have to bring you. One of it I would like to describe in this Photoshop tutorial. So, I’m going to show you how to create colorful background and create small accent on it.

In the beginning you should create new document about 500×300 pixels and full it with white color.
Color Your Life 01
Ok, after that use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to create rectangular selection and fill it with color of #7000a4 on the new layer. It will be the shape of the first pencil.
Color Your Life 02
After that use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to create another one selection and apply the Dodge Tool (Brush: 50 px, Mode: Highlights, Exposure: 50%) to selected area to create first pencil’s verge.
Color Your Life 03
Ok, create one more selection from another side and apply the Burn Tool (Brush: 50 px, Mode: Shadows, Exposure: 40%) to create another verge.
Color Your Life 04
Remove selection with Ctrl+D and apply Inner Glow Blending Option to our pencil:
Color Your Life 05
Now we have good looking pencil, isn’t it?
Color Your Life 06
Ok, move to the next step. Duplicate current layer with Ctrl+J and move copied layer a little bit right as on my picture below. Ok, after that apply Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation to get another color for your second pencil.
Color Your Life 07
See the result here on my picture below:
Color Your Life 08
Add more different colors pencils in the same way.
Color Your Life 09
Looking as amazing pencil rainbow as for me. Ok, go on. Now, I would like to add a small accent to the picture. Let’s start to make it. Chose one of the color lines a little bit left or right from the middle, then select some part of it with Rectangular Marquee Tool again and press Delete button to clear selected area.
Color Your Life 10
Remove selection with Ctrl+D. ok, after that we should create pencil top. Select the Polygonal Lasso Tool and create a new one selection as on my picture below:
Color Your Life 11
Now, use the Elliptical Marquee Tool and hold Alt button to cut away small round part of selection in the bottom.
Color Your Life 12
Cut away two more round parts of selection in the same way. After that fill selected area with color of #f0d196.
Color Your Life 13
Then use the same Photoshop tool to create another one selection and use the Dodge Tool to create the first verge of the top.
Color Your Life 14
After that create another selection and use the Burn Tool to create another verge.
Color Your Life 15
Ok, now using the Rectangular Marquee Tool create new rectangular selection and apply Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation again with following presets to selected area:
Color Your Life 16
The result should be next:
Color Your Life 17
Remove selection and apply the Drop Shadow layer style to current layer.
Color Your Life 18
See the difference now?
Color Your Life 19
And the last one thing that we have to do is add some title to our pencil. Use the Horizontal Type Tool and write out the text with white color which you can see on my screenshot below. I prefer to use the Electrofied font, but if you don’t have it fell free to use another one.
Color Your Life 20
After that use Edit > Transfrom > Rotate 90 CCW to rotate our text line vertical.
Color Your Life 21
Now, apply the Drop Shadow layer style to this layer.
Color Your Life 22
We get nice title, isn’t it?
Color Your Life 23
We are done for this step! Also you can use the same method to create funny colorful wallpapers. Thanks to all for reading this tutorial!
Color Your Life 24
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