Cinta Abadi: WildBasil for RM10.90. #MilKADeal
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Posted by Mohd Johari Rosli - - 0 ulasan

Jaw locking burgers. At #WildBasil for RM10.90. #MilKADeal

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Jaw locking burgers, right here.

RM10.90 instead of RM21 for 1 Jumbo Chicken / Beef Burger Set + 1 Drink at Wild Basil, Solaris Dutamas.
If you think burger, you'll think delicious mouth-watering patty, fluffy sesame seed buns, fresh salad to balance it out and topped off with gooey sauce.
Go on, munch on that, it's delectable.

Jaw locking burgers. At #WildBasil for RM10.90. #MilKADeal
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